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Customized Service Tracking ToolsSpecially designed tracking tools to provide rapid and thorough response.

Customized-Service-Tracking-Tools Once installed, your system is fully backed by CGL’s Service Management System. Our award-winning tracking system maintains comprehensive records of every aspect of your system: inventory, warranty status, service dispatch, and more.


Our call-tracking and service ticket system allows us to provide rapid and thorough response while ensuring synergy between our technical and service departments.


Customized service tracking tools work with an operating platform monitoring the service request from the very instant a call is made, to the moment the problem is completely resolved.


Our technicians are constantly connected, from service call to service call, and are updated, managed and monitored at every step of the way. All calls are registered in real time, so that we always know what is happening with your system, when it is happening and where. This unique management tool also provides real time assessments and overviews of all service requests, facilitating our job of keeping your system at peak performance.

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance is integral to maintaining safety and security. For that reason, we use the most up-to- date video product technologies and management tools.

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CGL is a trusted and knowledgeable security systems strategic advisor. Thanks to our hard working, exceptionally talented team, along with our unwavering commitment to outstanding service, we have come to be regarded as the leading security systems integrator in the region.


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