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There are many components to a fully integrated security system. At CGL Electronic Security, we tailor state-of-the-art security solutions to meet the security needs of each client. Our clients can be sure that we will find the right product every time, that can easily be integrated into existing systems and customized to meet the unique demands of the application or environment.

CGL selects the highest quality providers to guarantee outstanding performance and functionality. Some of the additional products we offer include optical turnstiles, visitor management systems, entry gate controls, biometric readers including hand, fingerprint, and iris recognition technology.

By trusting in CGL to combine the right combination of security management solutions, integrating new technologies and products, you can be sure that we will deliver a seamless solution just right for you.

For more information on our other products and partnerships, please see the comprehensive list below:

System Architecture Strategy

System Architecture Strategy

We assess the physical layout of your properties to identify potential layers of security, which then helps us develop and customize a Security System Design specific to your needs. Read More
Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability Assessments

CGL offers a complementary Security Vulnerability Assessment, where we identify the susceptible areas of your properties, evaluate your assets and resources, and design a security solution accordingly. Read more
Project Implementation & Management

Project Implementation & Management

Our Project Managers are dedicated to providing our customers with the best security services in the industry. They are proficient answering any questions or concerns you may have. Read more
System Maintenance

System Maintenance

Like our security management solutions, CGL’s Customized Maintenance Contracts can be adapted to meet requirements specific to your security system. Read More

CGL is a trusted and knowledgeable security systems strategic advisor. Thanks to our hard working, exceptionally talented team, along with our unwavering commitment to outstanding service, we have come to be regarded as the leading security systems integrator in the region.


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